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CEO Message

There are no borders for international trade, economy is globalized and restructuring takes place in the community and economy .Pakistan is one of the few countries having the ability to integrate with two separate global blocks.

Our mission is to achieve the maximum level of high quality services. We are institutionalizing all our activities through establishing continuous contacts with domestic and foreign organizations and assuming an international dimension.

We are trying to carry the commercial identity of BUSAN International beyond the national borders to the international arena and also trying to make it the focal point of regional and local globalization.

Baqaa Ullah

(Chief Executive)

It is hoped that this profile will give the readers skeleton concept of our company. At any time, at any place, we earnestly anticipate sincere cooperation and mutual development with friends of all circles both at home and abroad, so as to make due contribution to the affluence and prosperity of the human society.

At this moment, we sincerely extend our profound thanks to all the friends at home and abroad, who have cooperated with our company for a long time and have given us cordial support. We pledge to continue to achieve maximum efficiency with customer satisfaction and our unstinted efforts for an integrated approach.